Saturday, July 31, 2010

Thrifty Fun

I decided that thrift shop fun can be had at least twice. First, for me it is fun when I find a good deal. Like the time I found a bit stack of books and bought a bag of books for $4.00 which worked to 17 cents a book. I did share that find with my sister-in-law.

There is one thrift store near my house. I will often check it out just to see what they have. The other day I found Domino Express. I looked in the box and it looked like most of the pieces were there. For $1.25 I figured J could have some fun and he did.

It also helps him build some patience.

I was even more thrilled when I was in the toy store at the other end of the strip mall and saw Domino Express selling for $29.98. My $1.25 deal just got better.

It wasn't thrift store but I will say that I started Christmas shopping yesterday at Target -- there were some toys on clearance. I am not posting pictures because I know my sisters-in-law read my blog. I am excited. Time to start counting down till Christmas.

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  1. SCORE!!

    Quick funny for you...

    I tried to post this comment right after my other one and Wordpress wouldn't let me. It told me to slow down and that I was posting comments to fast.




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