Saturday, July 3, 2010

Third City

Really it was the third city in our three city tour but it was the fifth city in 5 days. We took the train to the south capital city. It was just 1.5 hour train ride. Again, when we arrived the fun began. We told them we had lots of luggage and they tried to put our group 8 people and all the luggage as well as 2 other people in the van. That did not work. Finally, we made it to the hotel after the other 2 people took another car.

We started that day at bridge crossing the Yangtze River. Up at the top where we can have the breeze of the vehicles blowing as well as the dust and dirt. Don't forget my dislike of open heights. We didn't stay up there long.

Our next stop was a lake and a park. We walked and enjoyed the view.

Next we went to the daily factory where they tried to sell you something. This time it was a jade factory but this time they gave us a small piece of jade.

Then we had lunch.For about 75 cents the kids and I ate.

We then went through the house and gardens of a general. I don't remember much more. It was hot and I was carrying Miss K.

We had our daily boat ride and visit to a temple. The kids and I just sat and drank some water.

Then we headed to a mountain after sitting in traffic. The kids were tired and so we didn't do much but buy some chips to eat. We had to look a bit to kind some that we would like -- we didn't buy blueberry, cucumber, lime, Italian tomato or kiwi but rather classic and Texas grilled meat which was like a BBQ chip.

It was a long day. We spent the night in that same city.

The next day we went to a lake and enjoyed a walk both in the morning and the evening.

The old city walls are along the lake.

That pretty much ended our tour. We were going to take the night train and be able to settle in one place for two weeks.

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