Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The artist within

Last week Miss K came home from school with two pictures that she had painted. I thought she truly became an artist. Maybe it should be modern artist.

This masterpiece is called "Rainbow". I see different colors but don't quite see the arch that one normally thinks of with a rainbow.

This masterpiece is called "sleeping octopus". Maybe that blue thing on the side is the octopus. I don't quite see it. Maybe I need to hang it on a wall, pay money to look at it, pause and stare and I will see the sleeping octopus.

I also like the fact that these look the same and yet they are different.

Maybe to make her a true artist I should sell these pieces. I have two original Miss K works of art available. These are unframed. Make a bid and you can have them but hurry because it is Wednesday and the trash goes out tonight.

1 comment:

  1. Actually, I think the bottom one looks like a Japanese anime head. She looks sort of wistful and has a bun. It's brilliant!



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