Thursday, July 8, 2010

Temple of Heaven

This is one of my favorite places to visit. After reading the book, Faith of Our Fathers, this became very special to me as I understood more of the purpose of the Temple of Heaven. I think after this visit I want to read the book again.

We went early in the morning hoping to avoid the heat of the day but it was still hot.

It is difficult to take a picture of the inside. That was about the best I could do. When we told J we were going to the Temple of Heaven, his response was, "I thought you didn't like temples." We told him that this was different as there are no idols here. There are no idols only a tablet.

It was here for hundreds of years that the emperor offered sacrifices to the God of Heaven asking for blessings on the land.

In spite of the heat I am glad that we went even for a short visit.

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  1. We loved this too. Being there with Mr. L and family made it very special as he pointed out the significance of all the things there. It was awesome.



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