Thursday, July 15, 2010

Miss K - a few memories

Sorry I didn't get to write more yesterday. Since I have not written much in my blog about her story, I think I will write bits over the next few weeks.

Miss K was born when we lived in Asia. As we looked back on her birth we see so many ways that God was working and preparing even prior to her birth. It seemed that the city where we lived the foreign babies were born either at one hospital or delivered by Dr. Lee. I started at the hospital because at one time Dr. Lee just delivered in his clinic and I wasn't sure I wanted to do that. We went a few times to the hospital but after feeling like they were not caring for me. I was told I gained too much weight but the previous visit they had not weighed me so how did they know. They did a blood test and were pushing for an amniocentesis. We didn't want to do that so combined with other things I decided to switch to Dr. Lee. He was no longer delivering in his clinic but at  one of the hospitals. I was able to have my visits in the clinic and only go to the hospital for delivery. The hospital was about 30-45 minutes away in a taxi. God was working as the original hospital didn't have much of a NICU and they would have moved her to the National hospital which is big and I didn't like because of a medical exam I had to endure there once.

So God was working in preparing a hospital and doctors and staff that were ready to care for Miss K and her needs. The only indication that we had was a positive blood test.

Miss K was born at 2:10am Aisa time on Monday morning, the 12th. It was Sunday afternoon were my family lives and my sister-in-law considers Miss K born on her birthday, the 11th. It is true but a bit confusing. She was tiny just 6 pounds 1 oz and stayed tiny for a long time. I guess she is still tiny weighing about 34 pounds and wearing size 4. We were able to spend some time with her just daddy, mama, and Miss K in a separate room. Then she was moved to the nursery and she wasn't there long before they requested to move her to NICU because of her breathing. I remember looking at her and seeing such tiny ears and also her fingers were blue. It was as if she couldn't warm up to the outside world.

Once she was moved to NICU they began a number of tests and procedures. It didn't take long and they were requesting a chromosome study. I was not convinced that she had Down Syndrome. One of those early tests indicated that there was no hole between her stomach and small intestine. On Thursday when she was 72 hours old they did an endoscope to view and determined that the hole was just .5mm (about the size of a fine pencil point) since she was under for that procedure they decided to go ahead and do the surgery. That was the longest day ever. We sat in the surgery waiting area which was just a few rows of plastic aqua chairs and listened to Chinese TV blare. We tried to read and talk but our tiny baby was having surgery. Finally, the surgery was finished it was hours and hours of sitting in the hard plastic chairs. She was moved back to NICU and the next thing was to wait a week while that incision healed. She would need IV feeding for the week. We were waiting for that week to be up so we could feed her. Once she was eating and things were working fine we could take her home.

I will pause for now and post more later.

This was taken when she was about a month old.

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