Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer School

Before we left on our vacation/work trip we had a big push to get school finished and we did. We finished the books and things that we wanted to do. The last few days in June when we were in China counted as school days and the first days of July counted for 2010-2011. Our year runs from July 1 to June 30.

We returned home and J was supposed to do some math and reading to keep those skills. I gave him a math workbook but he decided he just wanted to continue in Saxon Math 3. It took about 3 days home with little structure for mama to realize he needed the structure. It was a combination of coming home, no TV and video games after having more than normal while traveling, and no structure so time to start school again. At the same time he is excited about the new things we have for this year -- Apologelia Botany and Winterpromise American History. I don't think he was as excited about Shurley Grammar.

We had our big field trip -- walked the Great Wall, saw the Forbidden City, bought a fan, and some other things, ate Chinese food, saw how silk was made, and experienced life in China. Now we are home and doing a bit more structured school this summer though not as long of a time as other months. J does have two different soccer camps coming up.

She really misses her preschool and talks about her teachers all the time. She prays for school and the teachers and a number of other things that we don't understand. Miss K is officially going to summer school but not the preschool that she loves. She gets the bus at 11:35 and gets home at 3:00 which is much earlier than during the school year. Her summer school session is four more weeks.

So I have decided that we will basically school around the year. This will allow us to take breaks throughout the year.

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