Friday, July 2, 2010

Next Stop

--Wuxi. So when I last blogged about our trip I mentioned that we made it from the bus terminal to our hotel. We had a tour guide walk us there - "it is just across the street" were his words. Not really down a block and across a 6 or 8 lane road. Oh and to make it more fun, it is rush hour. We spent the night in Wuxi and then the next day began our tour. I had no idea what was in Wuxi.

Our first stop was a movie set type place. I did remember that the Wu were part of the Warring States period but not much else about Wu. It was hot and we walked quite a bit. There was a life demonstration which was interesting.

I think the most exciting thing was the obstacle course. The kids had been looking for a playground which by the way we really have had a difficult time finding but the obstacle course gave them quite a bit of fun.

Miss K had to try too. I was impressed with her climbing.

The next stop was a lake. At times it seems like this was a lake tour or water but I told J that shows you how important water was in ancient times.

I know it is a bit of a gray picture but really that is about how it has been here.

We made a stop at a tea pot factory but we did not buy any. That was the sales pitch of the day.

Next we took the train to the south capital. Our adventure continued there.

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  1. fun reading about your China tour. You're seeing a lot of places and things I haven't seen.



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