Monday, October 28, 2013

2013-2014 Curriculum

I know it is the end of October. Everyone else shared what they were doing in August or September. I had started a post back in August and as I looked at it and read what I wrote I realized that things changed.

I have a three to four year plan for each of my children. That helps me to plan. I had things planned and purchased for this school year back in February but all of those things are in boxes waiting to be shipped so I had to make some quick changes.

Here is what we are doing this year.

Together we are continuing with Mystery of History Volume II.

J is in 6th grade this year. We have begun the countdown towards high school. We are focusing on what we need to get done before high school. When I look at the books all piled up, it is not that big of a pile.

Saxon Math 76
Keys to Fractions

Analytical Grammar Mechanics
Our Mother Tongue
Writing Strands
Classical Composition Fable Stage
Editor in Chief A1
Sequential Spelling 3

Memoria Press Geography I

Explorer's Bible  Study Luke and Acts

Christian Kids Explore Physics

Latina Chritiana

Miss K - We are calling this 2nd grade.

Continuing with Math-U-See Alpha

Scaredy Cat Words
Explode the Code
HWT My Printing Book
Memoria Press Copybook

Song School Latin

The World God Made

I will try to add some art and music in there as well as keeping active for PE. We will do a seminar on health and safety so we can cover that topic.

I think that about wraps up the major things that we will be doing this year.

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  1. We use sequential spelling also.

    Have you ever watched a demo of Teaching Textbooks? Here is the link:

    Math became a whole lot more sane around here when we switched to this program. Two Christian brothers wrote it and teach it, probably formerly homeschoolers. They are excellent teachers and the child can go at his or her own pace and see the whole lesson explained again and again, if necessary. And it reviews plenty, like Saxon does. It is worth watching, even if he likes the Saxon. Just to compare and think about in the next years, perhaps?

  2. I just recently heard of the Mystery of History books. It was great to hear of someone who is using them! Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving encouragement behind. It meant so much! God's peace, Cheryl



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