Saturday, October 12, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up

This week we had all our books. I unpacked and found the Geography and Latin books that were in a box.

We are continuing to enjoy Mystery of History. This week it was Ancient India, The Mayas, St. Augustine of Hippo, and Jerome.

One of my goals for the weekend is to find or create a list of things I want the kids to be memorizing. The pantry closet is a perfect place to post those pages. I am thinking that I will do memory notebooks when we move. I have clear books in the shipment.

Another goal for next week is to begin a read-aloud. The kids both enjoy it when I read a book so I just need to do it.

Remember last week I wanted to add some fun things in our day. I did add a nature walk this week.

J began flute lessons this week. He has been talking about wanting to take flute lessons and we were able to find a teacher here. Both of the children are continuing piano lessons. I am excited that we are able to give him that opportunity. He learned how to play Hot Cross Buns on the flute which is one of Miss K's piano pieces so maybe they can plan a duet.

We have had some math challenges. I think he knows the material but it seems to be a combination of  rushing through, not checking his work and maybe not reading the lesson completely. I sit down and review the problems with him. He says that he was rushing through it.

He had swim team practice today. We are enjoying the homeschool swim team that we found in this area. His group is mainly boys and a number that he knows from co-op.

I have to share this funny from J. Yesterday he was standing at the table and said, "am I like the school janitor?" I looked at him and chuckled. I didn't even have him doing cleaning at that time.

Miss K

I have been working with Miss K in handwriting to put the g on the line. I think this has been something we have been working on for weeks. Usually the "g" is hanging in the middle of the line. I have told her that "g" gets tired and needs to sit on the line or I tell her that the tail can't hold up "g". I even drew a little line to show her where to draw the g and said that was "g's" pillow. So as I am going on about this, she looks up at me and pats my arm and says, "it is going to be okay." That was my cue to pause and try again on another day. Right now the "g" just doesn't want to sit on the line.

Any ideas on who to teach that "g" needs to sit on the line?

We got back to Scaredy Cat reading this week. We are working on the Words book and spent some time making blends. We even got the blender out for that.

It is great to see her math skills improving as she does the problems. She uses the blocks but that is fine. She tried to "X" out her problems a few times but giving her more problems cured that.

I have had a hard time finding a Bible program that I liked for her. I bought the Read Aloud Bible Stories. She finished Volume 1 and I am having her read it again. Partly to make sure she is able to read it and partly because I can't keep buying these as fast as she reads is once.

I found a planner that I think is just want I want. I want to spend some time this weekend planning and then will show you what I found.

We are settled in the house and I am getting back to cooking after not cooking. We are working our way through the 10 pounds of lentils.

That is about all for this week.

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  1. I'm seeing the same thing here with Peter, age 11, regarding rushing through the math and making mistakes. He knows the procedures, but the multi-step processes make it challenging for him to attend to each problem with maximum concentration. I believe the difficulty comes from the ADHD, and it's why they recommend fewer problems per sitting for these kids. I don't require two sittings, though, because he wants to get it over with rather then come back another time.

    You've never mentioned that J has any difficulties, though, so maybe he just feels math is for the birds? :) Math was always difficult for me growing up, and I still can't do much in my head. All the numbers just get jumbled in my head, and I end up going for pencil and paper.

    You are such a good teacher! My six year old has a hard time with the lower case letters in general, but especially the y's and g's. Her motor memory is weak, it appears. Peter's was too for lower-case handwriting. Capitals were never a problem though. Handwriting instruction is so tedious and I just have to pray that God intervenes.

    1. We have slowed down a bit this week. I have him read the lesson, For him it would be going backwards for me to read the lesson (I finally got him to reading the lesson). Then he has to teach me how to do it with one problem. Then he does 5 problems, I grade, 5 more and so on until he is done. He is doing much better.

  2. My 12 yo is using The Mystery of History, too! I make Indian lentils. I wish my family liked it as much as I do, but they like lentil soup.

  3. My daughter has the same issue with math - no problem with understanding just rushing and making careless mistakes. Love the janitor comment! ;-)

  4. My son was having math issues, too, though he his was learning a new concept. That is a sign for us to stop and work through the concept until he can teach it to us.

    My children love read a-louds, too!

  5. That's a large bag of lentils! Culinary wise, I couldn't think of anything worse. I'm not good with pulses and yet they are such a frugal and healthy food to eat, I rather wish I did like them.
    Great week, as always!

    1. I was thrilled that my family was excited that I bought that much. It is a frugal food. My friend and I are splitting a big bag of black beans.



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