Thursday, October 17, 2013

Making Blends

As we got back into school this year, I decided that for Miss K we need to go back and review and just start at the beginning of Scaredy Cat Words. Four months of not working on that we needed to just go back and review.

Miss K has an extensive sight word reading list and we continue to build that but I am not ready to give up on teaching her some phonics.

Lesson 2 introduces ending word blends. To give her a bit of hands on we got out the blender.

I had her each of the letters for the blend on separate pieces of paper. Then she put them in the blender and pushed the button. Since the blender was not plugged in, it didn't really blend the paper but we did make some sound effects.

Then with a slight of the hand I took her cards out and added my card which had the blend together. The letters were blended.

We then made a post with the letters that she had written and my blend.

Here she is inspecting her work. Her tiara was slipping a bit.

That gave her an opportunity to blend her letters. Scaredy Cat has helped her to recognize her vowels and so we do have to remember that these letters do not have vowels and are not words.

We went through our list of words and matched them to the blend.

The hands on help gave some fun to our lesson.

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