Saturday, October 5, 2013

Math Funny

A few days ago I wrote a nice long post praising Miss K for all her math progress. Today I gave her the assigned page which is to copy the date, write in what today is, do a patterning sequence and then do eight math problems. It is simple and the same thing that she did all by herself just a day or two earlier. Well, I looked at her page and this is what I saw.

A big "X" on the addition problems. She said she didn't want to do them, they were too hard. Her brother tried to tell her that wasn't going to work and then her mother told her that wasn't going to work.

She is a fast learner. We had been working on Explode the Code and there was a page with three sentences with the words mixed up and she was to unscramble the words and make a sentence. It is a concept that she does not understand. She will just copy the words so she writes, "runs Jim mud in the". So I decided it was too much and so I put a big "X" on that page. I guess that will be the last time that I allow something like that.

I will say that after being sent to the principal's office she did get her math done. She sat in there and did it. She can do it. Yes, it is hard but we work hard to make it easy.

She keeps us laughing and enjoying life.

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  1. You've taught her so much and believed in her! Your teaching skills are really being honed as you observe her and find teaching materials that support her natural style. I have some unusual learning needs here and when I see progress, I'm reminded that all children can learn if we take the time to know them and respond with what they need. And prayer sure paves our way...or rather, is the way.

    J sounds like such a nice brother for her!

  2. :snicker: She tried! You have to give her that! LOL

    1. You are right. She tried. I have to give her some credit for cognitive thinking.

  3. <3 so funny! And, thanks for stopping by to let me know about the MUS dvd.

  4. We just got another Woofi book in the mail today from my SIL! What a coincidence. I didn't realize the creator had written so many of them.



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