Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fall Fun

Leaves changing colors

Sweaters and sweatshirts

Apples and apple cider

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Soups and stews

Soccer games

Pumpkin patch

Yesterday we joined some friends at a pumpkin patch. When we were in Asia, fall was not much change. The weather got cooler but not much else changed. So living here in the USA we enjoy fall and all that goes with it.

We had a list of pumpkin patches and places where we could go. Do we drive a distance? Do we go to the big corn maze? What other activities do they have? We were having a hard time making a decision and decided to go to the one just down the road from my friend's house. I had actually taken the kids there last year.

We did the corn maze. Since it was a weekday, it was cheaper.  I think the kids ran through it about three times.

We walked through the pumpkin fields and picked a few pumpkins. I thought the prices were reasonable so we did buy a few. Miss K was picking up lots and lots of pumpkins.

We also did the duck race. Last year you bought your duck and could race. We brought our ducks with us this year. For some reason the ducks were one of the toys that have travelled with us. If you brought your own ducks it was free. I had not seen a duck race before last year. There were three pumps, you put your duck in the top and then pumped water into the pipe and pump and pump cheering your duck to the end. I decided it was some gross motor exercise for Miss K.

It does feel like fall around here.

What are fun things that you do for fall?

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  1. We love picking pumpkins. My sister in law is from Asia, and she says her first fall here in the US, she thought all the trees were dying! She was relieved to find out that it's what the season looked like for us. :-)

  2. Love the leaves, pumpkins, apples, baking, color, and cooler weather!

    I wanted to say that the Jenny Wren book does not identify any psychological disorder. I just recognized the detachment as a common problem among displaced children. It was consistent with how Jenny acted in some scenes. There is one point in the book in which Jenny overhears the couple telling a case worker that if Jenny continues to change homes, she would have no heart. That would probably be a sensitive passage to read. But in the end she learns that only God is the same always, and that life includes a lot of change--some we welcome, like the seasons, and some we don't. And that God is always there, always reliable, always faithful, no matter our circumstances. A horse died on the farm, and Jenny began to wonder if the elderly couple would die and leave her alone. She briefly runs away, for fear she would be hurt badly if she ever lost them.



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