Saturday, October 5, 2013

The week we moved, again

On Monday we moved, again. Hopefully this is where we will stay until we move to England. We are back in the mission house and it is the closest thing that the kids have to home at this time. I think it is providing a bit of stability for them.

Yesterday, I got the last of the boxes that we had stored at friends' house and so now we have all the books we need for school except for the DVD that went missing.

We do school at the kitchen table. In our previous house we had a room off the kitchen that was the school area and I do miss that. We could leave our books piled there and we had all our books there. You work with what you have and here we have a kitchen table. I just realized that there is a table in the dining room. Now I will ponder if I want to move there.

We are moving through Mystery of History Volume II and enjoying it. This week we read about the Apostles Creed, Diocletian, and Constantine. We do history together. I don't do anything special for Miss K. J does a bit more reading related to the history we are studying.

One of my goals for J for this year is that he will more independent in his planning and work. I have given him a guideline that tells him how many lessons/assignments he should do per week. It has been slow and I think I need to continue but not expect that he will get to that goal in a week or two.

Here he is at his desk working on math. He looks very studious in this photo.

Miss K continues to only want to do a tiny bit of school. Keeping her on task and working is a challenge. She will do a bit and then ask for a break which doesn't work because I have a challenge coming back and so does she.

J and I were talking and he was remember the lapbooks and other fun things that we did the first years in school. He was also remembering the DNA which someone posted to Pinterest and so the one day that I do school with my kids in their pj's and now the whole world can see it. So I have been thinking about what fun activities I can add into our day. Maybe I should look through my Pinterest boards and see what I have pinned.

J has a soccer game this weekend and the kids have AWANA. My goal is to finish unpacking and get a creative activity for next week.

That is about all that happened this week here.

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  1. I, too, have a hard time coming back to the table when I give the little ones a break. I've learned already this school year to force myself to do two subjects before giving my first grader a break. Once I get started on chores, it is hard to just say, enough, back to school. I'm learning that homeschooling is as much about our discipline as theirs. A schedule helps keep my eyes on the goal each day, even if most days don't go exactly as planned.

    I'm saying a prayer for all of you. Moving around must be hard even for the avid adventurer at times. I didn't realize visas take so long. Hang in there!

  2. I set a timer for work periods and breaks and that really helps us. We get the breaks and don't get so distracted coming back. Our routine is 30 minutes of school, 15 minutes of break and repeat all day long.



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