Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up The week we slowed down a bit

This is the week that we slowed down. A number of people commented about some of the struggles we were having with math and with some ideas from there and thinking I decided to slow down.

We slowed down history, Latin, and math. I slowed down myself and asked the question, "is my goal to get done the book or learn the material?" I know where some of that was coming from and I decided that I needed to slow down so that is what we have done this week.

I know some of the reason I was moving fast, racing was because I felt we started late and I know that with moving later this year we will have some non-school time. I am also one of those people that want to teach everything.

Last week I found a planner that I like. I will write more about that later. I have been on the hunt to find one I liked and found it. I actually sat down and planned last weekend. That really did help, I had copies ready to go, books ordered, activities figured out, and I was ready for the week. I also had to be flexible as we were out late on Sunday which made for a rough Monday start.

We are continuing Mystery of History and enjoying it. I was going at a fast pace and slowed it down. We did finish Quarter 1. About once a week I try to review the CC timeline especially in the area where we have been reading.

As part of the slowing down this week, I have both kids working on math at the same time, and we are trying to work on the same subjects at the same time. That makes it challenging and I am not sure it will work long-term but for now we are doing that.  We took some time this morning to work on place value. I was targeting this for a review for J and allowing Miss K to do it as well.

I mentioned last week that J was struggling with his math in the sense that he was getting quite a number of problems wrong on each lesson. When I asked him he said, he was not focusing or that he was going to cash. I didn't want to go backwards to having me read the lesson so instead I have asked him to read the lesson and then teach me how to do a problem. This allows me to check if he understands. Today he didn't totally understand multiplying decimals and I caught that before he did the lesson. I am also having him do five problems then we check them and he goes on. I am able to see if he is having problems. He has gotten much better results on his lesson problems and I think it is boosting his confidence.

Miss K is not crossing out her math problems. That is progress. She still only wants to do a tiny bit of school but in the scope of all the school she will do in her life one day is just a tiny bit so we do a tiny bit. Her list of excuses will keep you chuckling -- her pencil is too pokey, the book is shy, -- she has learned to express herself.

We kept busy with flute lessons, piano lessons, co-op, and swimming plus soccer practice, grocery shopping and a trip to the library.

Fall is here and we are hoping to do a fall outing this week. My kids are sad that I totally forgot about the salmon run as that was a favorite outing last year.

We are enjoying squash which is a fall food at least to me. I don't remember eating this or cooking it other than to make butternut soup but this year we are enjoying acorn squash. I tried this recipe and it was delicious.

That is about all from here.

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  1. Oh, the salmon run! I wanted to see that, too! I should get a 2014 calendar and write it on there. :)

    I love hearing Miss K's excuses. The book is shy! That is priceless! I think homeschool with her might be fun, in a way.

    1. Salmon run is a very NW thing and you should it. Last year we went during the week before Salmon Festival.

  2. I am raising 4 grandchildren and they all love acorn squash. Here is how I prepare it. When it is halved, with the seeds removed, I fill the cavity with apple chunks - not too tiny. Then I add brown sugar, cinnamon, and either olive oil or margarine. Cover with plastic wrap and microwave about 10-15 minutes on high. Test the squash and apples for the degree of doneness you want. When you serve it, just scoop it all into a serving bowl. As each individual puts some on his/her plate, a mixture of squash and apple is in each serving. It is not blended. It is simply delicious.
    Myra, from Canada, where our temps are getting lower and lower each day and there is frost on the car each morning now.

    1. I will have to try that recipe. My kids are enjoying it.

  3. Slowing down can be so hard, but it sounds like a good decision for you guys this week.

  4. My Peter lamented (okay, sort of cried) this week about how bad he is in math, compared to his brother, who does the same lessons on Teaching Textbooks and takes less than half the time Peter does. He keeps getting review problems like the more complicated long division, and six digit multiplication problems, all of which have a lot of steps and if you don't keep your columns straight, you easily make a mistake. Plus, he doesn't quite have those X facts as second nature yet, which slows him down. We used Times Tales to help him 18 months ago, and he recalls the stories to get the facts still. For whatever reason, these are just hard for him, though many other aspects of math are no problem. Generally, the more steps there are, the more he struggles to concentrate and maintain accuracy.

    I hugged him and told him that though I don't often share it, I had all the same struggles with math that he has, and I made it in life just fine. I got to college, graduated, and went back for a teaching credential, all without failing. I even had to take calculus in college and didn't fail.

    I also explained that I never, ever have to do a six-digit multiplication problem in real life (3 digits on top, 3 on bottom). No one does, we just have to know the procedure. I don't want him to get the impression that math is unimportant, just that you'll never be stuck in a dungeon with only your long division skills to save you. :)

    I also explained that most people like language arts areas, or math areas, but it's more rare to like both keenly and be great at both.

    We have an acorn squash on the counter right now, waiting for me to find a recipe. I will try the apple recipe above--sounds easy enough. Thanks for sharing your week! Always love to hear about your children and all the joy your little one brings with her unique perspective.

  5. Slowing down is definitely a good thing. I like how you are focusing on learning rather than finishing a book. That is so difficult for me to do, as well, as I feel like there is pressure to get "so much" done sometimes. Hope you have a great weekend.

  6. What a wonderful week. I love the mixture of hands-on and table work. I love all the fall activities.

  7. Hi Beth,
    Yes, slowing down is hard but the decision to make sure your children are learning the material rather than just completing the book is important.
    We love Khan Academy. which is a free online math program with instructional videos. It's a great program, our current struggle is that the program is moving my 10 year old into high school math. He is an advanced learner, but has reached upper levels and I don't know how to reinforce his foundations. So that's just us. otherwise Khan is a great math program.
    Thanks for linking up "This Week.." @ Great Peace Academy



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