Saturday, October 26, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up - The week we stalled

Maybe paused would be a better word to describe our week. Last week I said it was the week we slowed down. When I looked at where we were in history -- just beginning the middle ages, I decide to pause and just spend some time exploring and having fun in the middle ages. Who doesn't want to read more about knights and castles? So we paused.

We read Knights in Shining Armor by Gail Gibbons. It is written on a elementary level but had some information for the kids. We learned that a boy became a Page at the age of 7 and then a Squire around 14 and when he had done a brave deed he would be dubbed, Sir, and become a knight. I have ordered some more books from the library.

Miss K is showing her page with page, squire, and knight.

We are also doing Latin together. They each have different books but we pull out our books and work on it at the same time. Primarily I teach to J's level but we review Miss K's book. We played the match Latin/English word memory game.

We are also doing Geography together. I am using Memoria Press Geography I. My goal is that they can find the country on the map, know some facts, and a bit of importance either current or historical. We began in the Middle East.

J --

We continue to battle math. We did try to slow down and I am reviewing. Here he is hiding behind his book.

He is enjoying and keeping busy with soccer, flute, piano, and youth group. 

I tried to convince Miss K that doing school at the pool was cool. We were sitting there for swim team practice and I wanted to get some of her school done. We did a bit.

We are continuing to eat lentils. This week it was lentils and rice taco style. I think we still have about half the bag.

The kids are working on decorating pumpkins for the AWANA pumpkin contest.

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  1. I saw a recipe for chicken casserole with lentils, this week but haven't tried it so can't be sure about how it would work.
    Learning about knights and castles is fun! There will be plenty of castles to see in England.



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