Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Math Fun - Hopping by 5's

I wanted to review and work on counting by 5's. I had copied the 100 number chart the other day and we colored and the 10's. Today I wanted to work on the 5's. I was talking about hopping and went to grab an animal thinking maybe there would be a rabbit in the animal box that could hop along. Instead I found a frog that was just right for our 100 number chart.

First we colored the multiples of 5 in green because the frog needed some lily pads to hop along as we went through the number chart.

Then using the frog we counted our way to 100 by 5's.

It was a fun activity. I love it when I come up with something fun that didn't take much planning. I am not always the best at planning things ahead which is funny because for the most part I would consider myself a planner.

J thought it looked fun and said, "remember when you used to do fun things with me in math." Yes, now he is studying fractions. Maybe we need a pizza and we can do some fraction work.

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