Thursday, October 10, 2013

Art Class

Last spring J took an art class and I posted his artwork here. This fall in co-op Miss K taking an art class. I heard wonderful things about this teacher and I have to say that I am impressed and pleased with Miss K is learning.

This is from the first week. They were studying Monet.  You can see the bridge. She did tell me that the blue spot that you see in the lower right corner is a lily pad.

This week it was van Gogh and sunflowers. I can somewhat see the flowers.

I am not really sure what this was except that it was done in watercolor. Maybe a sunset.

I will say that there is an improvement in her art when I look at what she was doing a few years ago. Here is something she brought home from preschool.

I look at some of the things that she draws on her Doodle and really need to sit with her and help her learn some more art and drawing skills. She is impressive at times.

Do you have a favorite art book for elementary children?

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  1. We've used the Usborne First book of art twice now. It brings together projects and pictures from famous painters. The children and I have enjoyed this book which uses a variety of media, not just paint.



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