Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall Soccer

The leaves are beginning to change color, the days are getting shorter, the apples and pumpkins are in season -- it is fall and that also means time for soccer. J has played the last four years on the east coast and we were able to find a team for him to play with here in the Northwest.

Today the weather was perfect meaning warm and not too cold, not raining or not even drying from rain so I took my camera to the game with the goal of getting some photos.

J's favorite position to play is defense. It was fun watching him play and realizing how he is focusing and thinking about where the ball is going.

His team won today 2-0. It is a team that has been playing together for a few years. 

I am glad that he has had the opportunity to play here. They have practice twice a week and a game every Saturday. It gives him some good exercise and I consider it his PE. 

Today's game was at 5:00 so it was a bit cool by the time the game was over.

I guess his arms are out to balance himself. Maybe it is also a bit of having done ballet this morning with his sister. He said she would only do it if he did it with her.

Miss K found some friends and was playing both soccer and football. She was happy even though there was no playground. She remembers going to the playground when we were on the east coast and wanted to do that tonight but this is just a huge field with lots of soccer fields.

Here I am.

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