Sunday, June 16, 2013

A German Town and Cherries

Yes, the two really do go together. Since it is cherry season then it is time to drive east but not 2800 miles east.

First we stopped at a German like town. It really was created to become a tourist destination. Since it was a Saturday the tourists were out in large numbers. I think they succeeded in making it a tourist destination. We even saw a Chinese tour bus there which brought back memories of Chinese tour groups.

We enjoyed lunch there and then walked through some of the shops. Miss K can find something in every shop that she loves. The kids were given some chocolate button samples in one shop and we had a cheese sample in another shop. We didn't buy anything.

Miss K thought they were ballerinas up at the clock. She got all excited. I think it reminded her of her jewelry box ballerina which she loves.

We stopped and listened to the music. My husband said the last time he heard polka was when he was in Germany. I know we have some German music CD's but maybe they are all German march music and no polka.

Miss K wanted ice cream. That really is not new. She wants ice cream most of the time. Her favorite kind of ice cream is mint chocolate chip.

We are not far from civilization meaning there is coffee there. I love how Starbucks blends in with the look there. I should start a collection of Starbucks pictures from around the world.

As we walked into town, we saw this little statue.  Miss K posed for a picture.

After wandering around a bit, we drove to get cherries. This is a memory of something that we did with my in-laws years ago when they lived here. We drove and found a roadside stand. I love shopping at those places as it seems that the people working their love what they are doing. The bing cherries had been picked within the last three days. The Rainier cherries were just picked that day. Bing cherries are our favorite.

The man gave us some paper towels and we stood at the back of the car eating cherries. They were so good we went in and bought another box. We decided that next year we would not be able to get cherries this fresh or at this price so we might as well enjoy them.

J loves cherries. I think they are his favorite fruit. He was and still is loving eating all the cherries. There are no limits put on how many cherries you can eat.

Miss K doesn't know how to spit out the seeds so we have to help her with that. She does like the cherries. She found these and wanted a picture taken -- cherry checks.

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  1. Miss K is so very cute! What a blessed outing and memories to carry with you. We have a farm not far from us that we go to for raspberries and then later in the year for apples and pumpkins. It's one of our favorite outings.

    Have a blessed Monday! I enjoy your blog very much.



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