Monday, June 17, 2013


Today was Miss K's ballet recital. We have spent the previous two weekends having rehearsal and this afternoon was the big performance. I even had a session on hair and make-up which was not needed as she was just to have pigtails.

Ballet is Miss K's favorite thing along with pink, Barney, and mint chocolate chip ice cream. She loves ballet.

About three years ago Miss K went to Dainty Dancers at the YMCA. The class met the same time as J's swim lesson. At that time she was more interested in riding the tricycles in the room. Okay, we tried that.

Then she went to Classical Conversations and was in a class with other girls her age. A number of these girls were taking ballet and often their demonstration speech would include ballet. That sparked her interest in ballet.

For her birthday and Christmas she got the Garden ballet DVD. She would watch those and dance around the house.

Last fall we again tried Dainty Dancers. She enjoyed it but was ready for more than sitting on the floor stretching and then dancing or running in circles with a scarf.

When we came to the Northwest, we looked for a ballet class for her. That was the one thing that she wanted. We found a local school and she was able to join in March. Wednesday mornings she would be up and ready for ballet but she had to wait until 2:30. She was in a Ballet 1 class and was able to keep up with the other girls in her class. It was a small class just four girls.

The year-end performance was Hansel and Gretel. Miss K was a bunny. Her hair was in pigtails to help keep the bunny ears in place. We gave her flowers at the end and she was so excited, "for me, oh, I love roses." I guess in her book all flowers are roses.

We couldn't take photos and I am now eagerly waiting for the link so I can order some photos from today.

I really don't know what we will do on Wednesdays now that we don't have ballet.

Ballet has been very good for her. I have seen her core strength improve. She is a good observer and that does help in this in learning.

I am thankful that she has had this opportunity. I have a feeling that ballet will be a part of our life for some time to come. She is talking about going to ballet in England.

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  1. My four year old dances around the house all the time. It's the cutest thing. Little girls are such a treasure! And Miss K sounds so very sweet.

  2. Any video? Probably not allowed. :)

    I bet it was adorable!

    1. I think they videoed it and we can buy it. I am waiting and not so patiently to see the photos.

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  4. Your daughter has the same favorites as my now-adult daughter did growing up (except for the mint chocolate chip ice cream). She still loves ballet and pink. (She represented England in ice dance from ages 16-20.) Your daughter's ballet experience sounds wonderful! I hope you're able to find a ballet class she loves in England. Deb @



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