Friday, June 14, 2013


The other year we signed up and participated in Kids Bowl Free. That year it was a great activity to do as it was just two miles from our home and also took us out of the house so daddy could writing his thesis.

We signed up again and went bowling this morning.

Miss K used a ramp. The place we went to two years ago had a dragon as the ramp so it looked much nicer but this ramp worked. She used the ramp but did notice that no one else was using a ramp and so she did want to try to it without. She did it and we were all watching and hoping the ball would make it to the pins.

She was so excited and jumped up after her turn. I couldn't get it on film. Actually taking pictures of bowling was very hard.

Miss K started the first game strong. We were all trying to beat her. After a few frames, we were ahead. It really is hard to get pictures of bowling. I asked him to pose.

J had a better second game. I did as well.

He was thrilled when he got a strike.

We enjoyed our time. Miss K loved it. I wonder if this is her Special Olympics sport.

Have you ever done Kids Bowl Free?

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