Friday, June 21, 2013

The Lake

The reward for enduring the long dark, grey days is summer. I won't say that it is a hot summer but the sky is blue and the sun is shining for so late that the kids go to bed before the sun does and we hope that they sleep longer than the sunrise which is around 5:00 right now.

Currently we are enjoying living near one of the lakes here. J enjoys going to the dock and sitting there. He has been given that privilege.

It just seems like a summer thing to go and sit at the water or to eat dinner next to the lake. The other night we went to a local Fish and Chips place for dinner. J was camping and we thought Miss K wouldn't eat that much. She fooled us. I ordered a shrimp cocktail, ate one shrimp and asked her if she wanted some. The next thing I knew she was handing it back to me because she didn't want the celery that was at the bottom. I ate it after all it is good diet food. We also had fish and chips and I think she ate quite a bit.

Well, after dinner we walked to the beach. At this beach is was sand though it seemed to be a dusty grey sand. Miss K was happy to play.

The beach has a walkway around the swimming area. You can see the city from there.

I walked the loop. The walkway was concrete and didn't move which interested as you were walking and seeing the waves but the bridge walkway wasn't moving.  I saw this as I walked. I wish I had my good camera. This was the best photo I could get with my little camera.

I did see the family of ducks as I came near the swimming area which was closed.

We have enjoyed the lake while we are here.

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  1. The views are so nice! She will always enjoy that photo of her watering the flowers..even when she's grown. I like to look at my photos and wonder what the kids will think of them as they grow. That one of her watering is just so precious!

  2. Is that a heron? We have one at our local pond and they are gorgeous. I think one of my favourite birds! How lovely to live near a lake!
    I see you are moving to England soon. Do you know which part yet?

  3. It is a heron. We will be in England for three weeks in August -- meeting with various people. At that time we will firm up our location.

  4. Well, I hope you enjoy your visit in August. Could you bring the sunshine with you please??



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