Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pike Place Market

I love markets. Maybe it goes back to my growing up days when each Friday my mom would go to Twin Slope Farmer's Market. There she would buy her meat. I remember the candy and chip stand but don't remember my mom buying that. There was a fruit and vegetable stand across from the meat and I think she bought some things there as well.

I love markets. Maybe it goes back to my days in Asia when I would go to the local wet market at lunch to buy my fruits and vegetables. I had my vegetable lady. I didn't speak much Chinese but she knew me.

Regardless of where my love began I love markets and go going to Pike Place is one of my favorite things to do. I enjoy walking through and looking at the fruit and vegetables, smelling the fish, going to Market Spice and looking at all the tea and spice.

We went yesterday on our way back from the museums. I love the arrangements of flowers. I think I love bouquets that have various flowers and different colors. I think I enjoy those even more than a dozen of roses in one color. So at the market I can wander and look at all the floral arrangements. They have some nice arrangements for $5. I now have a beautiful one with some purple, orange, white and red and a splash of yellow that we are enjoying.

The fruits and vegetables are lined up so neatly and look so fresh. The signs are handwritten and remind me of a market from before the days of computers and printers. At lunch J had asked if we had any carrots and then told me I should buy some because he likes them and they are good for his eyesight which has nothing wrong and he is trying to keep it that way. I bought four carrots for 80 cents. I should have bought a few more because he had eaten two of them before we even crossed the lake to get home.

As we walked past one stand, they were giving out samples of peaches. It was yummy and reminded me of the good peaches we get on the east coast. We have lots of fruit except bananas so I didn't buy anything. We haven't seen lychee in a long time and were temped for a few minutes to get some. I can't wait to get to Asia and eat the yummy tropical fruit there.

Of course Pike Place is know for the seafood. Fresh fish, crabs, and various other things.

We did wander to the stand where they throw the fish. We stood and watched them throw a few.

Looking at the salmon did remind us of the salmon run and watching the salmon swim upstream to spawn. I love crab legs but didn't buy any.

We had taken a picnic lunch so we told the kids they could get a treat. J found a twisted cinnamon donut and wanted that. Miss K told us she wanted a big roll. That is what it is called. She had read that in the case. That kept her busy as we walked through the market.

I got my market fix for awhile. Maybe I should go through and find some photos from the markets in Asia.

Do you have memories of going to the market?

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  1. wow.. those Salmons are pretty big..:O

  2. I remember the outdoor markets in Sicily, where we lived for 14 months when I was in the 7th grade. And we saw some in San Francisco where we went for part of our honeymoon. It is cold there year round too, I believe.

    I would love to hear your love story... :)

    My boys loved the pics of your nature walk at the water. Boy would they love that!



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