Friday, June 21, 2013

Household Chores

When summer vacation arrived at our house so did the new chore chart. My mom had neat printing and she would get out her markers and write a nice colorful chart with the days of the week, the kids, and the chores. It could be weeding the gardening, mowing the grass, cleaning, doing laundry or a number of other things.

Well, I am not always as organized as my mom but I do assign chores. I discovered a new chore for Miss K -- watering the plants.

It works great for us -- she gets holding the watering can, pouring and she water the plants and for me well, I just have to remind her to do it. When Miss K was younger I read quite a bit about Montessori learning and one aspect that I really liked was the practical things. I think this would fit with that learning style.

These are the flowers outside the play house. I might also need to have her clean the play house.

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