Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Tea Party

We had a tea party today. The day had begun rainy which seemed like the perfect weather for a tea party. In typical Northwest weather by the time we finished our chores and had our tea party it was sunny.

The house has a little kitchen with an oven that really does work.

We decided to just have some animal cookies.

The table was set and the guests were invited.

Lamby is one of Miss K's favorites. He has traveled many miles with her. He sat quietly in his chair (I wish my kids would do that). He didn't even mind when Miss K ate all his cookies.

We did have pretend tea. Personally, I prefer coffee. I might have to learn to drink tea.

We enjoyed our tea party. The play house is just perfect for lots of fun play times.

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1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful little house! My four year old has little tea parties with her stuffed animals and dolls and it always make me want to freeze frame this point in childhood. Preschoolers are so much fun!

    Both my girls, by the way, struggle with ezcema in the same area of the face as Miss K's. Looks like hers is nearly gone now, though, in these pictures. There is somewhat of a reprieve this time of the year for my two, but we still spend a fortune on lotion for the arms and legs and and have to sometimes resort to medicated cream for their faces, even in summer. I wish I knew, besides family history of allergy, what causes it. They don't exhibit any signs of food allergy, just seasonal allergy.



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