Monday, June 3, 2013

My Quiet Time

Friday morning I had the privilege of leading the ESL ladies Bible study on the topic of Having a Date with God. We had finished our study of Ruth and had a few weeks to fill before the summer. It was a fun time of sharing with the ladies and challenging them to have that quiet time with the Lord. 

On Friday we moved to housesit for someone. When I knew we needed to find housing for the month of June, I prayed that maybe someone would have a house on a lake. We are supposed to rest before heading to Asia and intense training. We have been blessed with a house on the lake. 

Here is the view from the front porch as I enjoy my quiet time with my coffee in my Raffles mug and my Bible. I just finished reading Isaiah. I tend to get up before the rest of the family so it is still quiet in the house. Getting up early works best for me. 

The kids specifically J is enjoying being close to the water. He has gone down to sit on the dock. He has spent time in the water but according to him it is cold.

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