Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Puget Sound

We are at that point in our work that various people will invite us for dinner. The kids will often ask if they have kids. It is about 50/50 on kids their age or kids grown and out of the house. Today we went to some friends that don't have kids at home but have a telescope and some old cool toys. J was playing with the boats that Mr. S used to play with when he was a kid. They were 70-80 years old.

The telescope is set up in the room so you can look out at the Puget Sound. We watched a crabbing boat and saw the ferry as well as a cargo ship. On the weekends you can see the cruise ships going through. J will stand for a long time and just look at the boats, the mountains, and the trains.

Miss K's memory is incredible. She asked if we were going to the beach after lunch. She remembers that we will often go down to the beach after our visit there. It is one of my favorite places from when I lived here. I would come and just sit and look at the water. We went down for a bit.

It was hot and Miss K just squatted down in the sand and started to dig.

J on the other hand ran down to the water. He did have to pause to roll up his pants. He found some seaweed that was unique. It made a great whip.

It is fun to be living near the water and be able to dig in the sand and splash in the water through the water is cold here.

That was our fun day.
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  1. Wow...that is so cool. I would enjoy looking through a telescope at the ships that go by.



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