Saturday, June 15, 2013

Weekly Wrap-up

What did we do this week? I might need to look back at the calendar to see what we did.

J finished his swim team practice for the summer. After a rough beginning, he decided he liked it and wants to do it again.

J had his last art class. He enjoyed it and seemed to learn quite a bit. We will have to decide if we want to do that in the fall.

K had her last ballet class. Her recital is on Sunday. She is a hopping rabbit in a production of Hansel and Gretel. It is great motivation right now, "I need to put this medicine on your face, you want your face to be better for your ballet."

Maybe this should be the week of lasts.

J is going camping next week so we needed to get him a few things. Our summer schedule just doesn't allow for him to go to camp so when some friends invited him camping it sounded like a fun time for him.

We have just 3 more weeks here in the US before we begin our summer travels. I need to do some shopping and get some things we need but I think I need to make a list first.

That is about all for our week. Maybe next week will be more exciting.

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  1. I've been finishing some things up lately, too. I guess we ought to since it's the traditional end of the school year. But I don't really consider school to ever be over, because school is life and life is school for us! Thank you for coming to my blog and leaving a comment. I enjoyed reading some of your posts. You have traveled a lot! And it looks like you are having fun. We have moved a lot, but it hasn't been so much fun. But we are following God where He leads us, too. We are just so ready to settle down now. With our big family it is too expensive, and the older kids are ready to settle and start grown-up lives and we want to be able to stay near them.

  2. Sounds exciting enough to me. Especially if you're going traveling soon! :)

    Finishing things is always fun. My 18 yo son just finished a Windows programming course which was a great investment, because now he knows he does not want to be a programmer. And finishing it means one more thing that he never needs to do again.

    I hope J has fun camping.



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