Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cursive Handwriting

I posted a link about two months ago about how handwriting boosts the brain. When I wrote that post, I mentioned that I felt that it was a good skill to have and to be able to do neatly.

Here is another article about what learning cursive does for your brain.

Here are a few things that were mentioned in the article.

In learning to write by hand, even if it just printing, a child's brain must:

  • Locate each stroke relative to other strokes.
  • Learn and remember appropriate size, slant of global form, and feature detail characteristic of each letter. 
  • Develop categorization skills.

Cursive handwriting is still taught in our school. I have found some fun copywork books to use for practice.

Miss K is still working on printing her biggest challenge is letter size and spacing.

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  1. Hello Beth, You left a sweet note on my blog today and I thank you. The news was better for my husband at today's appointment, thank the Lord. I am feeling much calmer today.

    My 11-year-old has ADHD and OCD, and sometimes with those come learning disabilities of various forms. I am no expert on LD's, but it seems like he has dysgraphia, which is difficulty with spelling, handwriting and organizing thoughts on paper. We have made up a lot of ground, but cursive I delayed until this year, due to such poor fine-motor control. It is hard for him for sure, but I think we're going to get through it without any OT. I agree that it's important for the brain to learn this; it's a shame public schools deem it less important.

    I have been reading old posts to learn more of your story. You are missionaries in England right now, and you just recently moved there? Their statistics are quite dismal for number of people churched, so Praise the Lord that you are there! I look forward to reading more here. Your heart is so beautiful, as revealed through your words. Have a blessed weekend!




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