Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Nature Walk

Nature walks are not something that happen regularly in our schedule. I think they are a good idea but it seems that till we get the other things done we don't have time. I guess that goes to the principle of what is important gets done. Here at least the weather has gotten nice so that we can take nature walks. Since we are taking some time this month to just do fun things combined with being here in the Northwest with all kinds of trails, we took a nature walk this morning. The kids might have called it a hike to them that sounds more fun and less educational but there was quite a bit of learning along the way.

We saw the spit bugs' eggs on various leaves and plants. J knew what it was and informed us it was eggs.

We saw a few birds but I think to see more we would have had to stop and just wait for them to come. We heard lots of birds.

We saw a frog jump into the water and waited but he didn't come back again.

Being here in the Northwest we saw plenty of slugs. J was a slug hero as he helped them cross the path. He also learned that when slugs feel threatened they will curl up in a ball. I think he threatened a slug or two.

The kids stopped and climbed a tree along the way. J usually says that he needs to climb barefoot.

Miss K had to do the same thing. This is part of her trying to keep up with her brother.

We saw Mrs. Duck but no babies. As we were walking back to the car, J spied part of a shell on the ground. Based on the size we thought it might be a duck shell.

The kids were pausing to explore something along the way. It might have been another slug or it might have been a leave the Miss K found and thought was something important to look at. I enjoy seeing them look together things.

It was quiet except for the birds. At one point in the walk we were in a position where we were able to see downtown and the big buildings. We were walking near two major freeways but didn't hear that noise. You can find nature near the big cities.

It was a fun walk except I didn't look at a map or print one for where we were in the Slough so we walked and then retraced our steps. Partway through my husband recognized part of the trail and said eons ago he used to run this trail. So print a map, take some water bottles and candy to bribe Miss K to keep walking. Enjoy a nature walk.

Do you make nature walks part of your week?

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