Saturday, June 8, 2013

The week of finishing and fun -- Weekly Wrap-up

The first week of June is finished. We leave in a month so I have a number of things that need to happen before that trip. I sorted the kids clothing. I need to buy a bit of clothing for myself.

We are basically finished school. J has a few things that I would like him to finish. Miss K has a few things that we need to continue to review. I have been going through books and pulling papers together for their portfolios as well as updating my summary list which includes all the books they have read. I know a number of people are buying things for next year. I have everything purchased. I am beginning to think and plan.

We did take a family nature walk and also visited a local museum. Those were our fun things for this week.

J had his art class this week. He had two pictures that he finished this week. He has one more class. I think it has been good for him and he did enjoy it. This is a water color.

Here is a red panda.

We found a homeschool swim team and J practiced this week with them. He was not sure that he wanted to do it but it was one of those things that we felt he needed to do. Friday was better and I think by the end of next week he might admit to liking it. I am excited that it is mainly boys and a number of them go to the co-op we will join in the fall. It is hard sometimes to make those decisions even when the child doesn't really want to do it.

Miss K keeps us laughing. Here is here Sunday School paper that she brought home. It is so Miss K we were laughing.

"What good thing can I do this week? Watching a movie with mom and dad." If you know Miss K, you will know that her life revolves around watching movies. She wakes up in the morning and asks to watch a movie. She finishes school and asks to watch a movie. She eats dinner and asks to watch a movie. Just because she asks doesn't mean she gets to watch a movie.

We have a friend visiting this weekend which is fun. She is going to watch the kids in the morning so we can go out for breakfast. Miss K has ballet rehearsal. Not much else planned.

I need to sort through things and get decide what I am taking and what need to stay here.

That is our week.
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  1. Lovely photo at your header. Beautiful family, and what a nice art class. Your son's work is quite good.

    I wanted to thank you for visiting and leaving such a kind comment earlier. Enjoy your trip!



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