Sunday, June 9, 2013

A scavenger hunt at The Point

The area where we are living is called a point - technically it is a peninsula--so that explains the title.

Aunt Bea (not her real name but it works) came for the weekend. We love having her visit and spend time with the kids. So mom and dad went out for breakfast and the kids stayed home.

To keep the kids entertained and also moving they went on a photo scavenger hunt here where we live. I thought that was a great idea.

Together they made a list. Aunt Bea edited it a bit just because she knew that there were some things that they would not find.

They set out looking for the items.

The mailbox was easy -- there are groups of mailboxes all around the Point.

There are lots of different flowers so finding purple flowers is not that hard. Miss K took this picture.

This is a nice close-up of some purple flowers.

On a Saturday finding boats should not be that hard. Lots of people are on the lake enjoying the water. I will say that the weather had cooled of so it wasn't as hot but it is June and not raining.

Finding a yellow car was one of the hard things to do. I guess people here don't want bright colored cars.

Another hard one was a stained glass window. They came home excited from the hunt and eager to show the pictures. They walked and I don't even think they realized it.

Have you ever sent your kids on a scavenger hunt? What was the hardest thing to find?

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