Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Banana Museum

Our plans for today were to go to a maritime museum but thankfully before we set out we looked online and discovered that it had closed. So we were searching for something else to do. We have a book Out and About with Children and had seen the Banana Museum listed. We looked online and got the address. It was open on Tuesday. We called to confirm and then headed there.

The museum is really just one person's collection of banana things.

It used to be in her house but she had moved it to a store. Only part of the collection is here and she does rotate things. This is probably the largest collection of banana things.

When bananas were first introduced to America, they were expensive and thus a rich man's fruit. There were  number of photos that people had taken with bananas. So next time we have a family photo maybe we should include some bananas. Just kidding.

The man who was in the store told us that some people have come dressed up like a banana. We didn't. You could wear a banana tie.

One of the most interesting items was a banana harmonica. We were told that many people have come in wanting to buy it. I think the most interesting thing was a banana golf putter.

It was a fun little stop. It has limited hours. It did remind my husband that we were out of bananas at home and needed to buy some more.

The man working was very talkative and helpful. He suggested a historical museum nearby and even called to discovered that it was closed on Tuesdays. He then suggested another one. We decided to drive and see what that was like.

So tell me what is the most unique museum that you have ever visited?

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  1. Is this local? How interesting! That Out and About book has served you well.

    1. It is in Auburn. Yes, it has been a good book for us except it is a bit out of date. We have to check things online.



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