Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Clipping Coupons

You can find various sheets for improving your child's cutting abilities. They have shapes you can cut out or lines that you can cut. I have bought preschool books that had sections on cutting practice. This is a skill that takes quite a bit of finger strength and squeezing ability.

Just a note on scissors -- Miss K has advanced through using loop scissors to using some that had a spring to finally using regular scissors. In these pictures she was using the scissors with the spring but then we switched to her regular scissors.

Recently someone gave me the idea of using the coupon inserts for scissor practice. So I collected the coupons that were delivered last week and gave them to her for an activity.

She did a great job cutting. There might be some motivation to cutting coupons--maybe some treats or special things could come from this.

I will add that if you are beginning to learn to cut this might not be the weight of paper that you would want to use. I did begin Miss K cutting card stock and then move to this weight. Cardstock is sturdier and doesn't flop as you are cutting.

This is a great therapy idea and an easy activity. I have an envelope with coupons in her school bag ready for when she needs an activity.

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