Friday, May 24, 2013

British Children's Authors - J. R. R. Toilken

Here is a bit of background to the series British Children's Authors (maybe I should get creative and create a header for this series). As we anticipated moving to England, I wanted to begin to expose my children to British literature and from there some of British culture. Anything that I found was high school level and seemed to focus on the old classics like Beowulf, Chaucer or authors like Austin, Shakespeare or others which we will cover later. I wanted something that my children could understand. So I began searching, asking others and came up in a list. I just look for books in the library and find other activities that we can do.  It would be fun to do a lapbook on this but that will have to wait until later. Now back to the author that we studied.

J. R. R. Toilken 

Even before the movie, The Hobbit, J has loved the book. I can't remember when his love began. He has it on audiobook on my Kindle and has listened to it a few times. He has also read it as well. 

We read a book about J. R. R. Toilken. One of the interesting things to learn was that he was born in what is now South Africa. When he was young, his father died. His mother and the two boys were in England at the time. His mother taught him at home but then she died when he was 12 years old. 

Languages were something that had always fascinated him. Which is not that surprising as he as developed some for his books.

We read parts from his book, Letters from Father Christmas. J listened to and read The Hobbit. I have The Hobbit on my nightstand waiting in the stack of books to be read. J just started The Fellowship of the Ring. 

I did find copywork quotes from The Hobbit. That will be fun for J. He has been enjoying the C. S. Lewis copywork. 

We did enjoy learning about J. R. R. Toilken's life and books. Maybe this summer we will be able to go to Oxford and see the plaque.

We also studied the following:

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  1. My son loves "The Hobbit", too. He's read it at least three times! :)

  2. Great history! Thanks for sharing!



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