Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Living Geography

I enjoy looking at maps and figuring out where we are. I know J does as well because one of the books that he brought with him was a pocket size atlas. I guess he thought that it would take a long time to read that.

I have grand plans of studying geography. That seems to be one of the things that can easily get pushed aside. To me the ideal is to do it with our history but that doesn't always happen.

I did purchase Memoria Press Geography to try for next year and see if that will help. Until then we will just continue with the living geography approach.

Today was part of that. Last week my husband realized that the kids passports expire in November which means they need new passports so they don't expire within six months of traveling. We took a field trip to the Federal Building to get that done. (Using field trip makes it sound so much more educational than just saying we ran an errant.) The passports will be ready for us to get on Thursday afternoon. This is Miss K's 3rd passport.

As I am recording information in my portfolio summary, I discovered that the kids have been to 27 states this school year. Let me just say that in order to see 27 states that means we spent many hours in our van.

1. Read Books - We try to read books about where we are going before we head there. So before going to Chicago for Daddy's graduation the other year we read books about the Great Chicago Fire.

2. Take Pictures - I will give the kids the camera at times. J does a good job but when we give the camera to Miss K I tend to hover. Here is a photo she took in Seattle.

I try to take some pictures and create scrapbooks for the kids 

3. Review and Remember - I had pages for the kids to color for the states that we went through. That was one way to review and remember. Looking at our scrapbooks is another way. As we are driving through the state, I would ask the kids various questions about the state. We learned our capitals and so I do want to review them.

As a family, we do have fun traveling.


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