Monday, May 13, 2013

Explode the Code

I don't exactly remember what prompted purchasing Explode the Code. I might have heard about it from other homeschool moms and based on that decided to get it. I started using it back when we adopted J and were learning English.

The Explode the Code series teaches basic phonics. The exercises in the book include matching, reading, spelling, copying and more. The illustrations are simple black and white drawings. I use these as a supplement, to give practice and build on the other reading and phonic activities that we are doing. There are parts of this that can be done on their own and I admit that I need that at times. I need Miss K to be able to do something while I am helping J with something.    

J has completed a number of these and at this point. I think he is done. It is easy for him but there are other things that he can and should be doing with his time.

I bought Get Ready, Get Set, and Go for the Code for Miss K. We worked on those over the past few years. At times when we started she wasn't ready and so we put them aside. She was able to finish these last year.  I will say this series is a good place to begin -- it works with beginning consonant sounds, writing the letters, and even has some pre-writing exercises. For this level you really do need the teacher's guide.

In the fall Miss K began Book 1. There were a few things that I needed to explain to her -- what is a pal, the fact that Nan is a girl's name. I was pleased with her work. She did a good job copying words, filling in the blanks. There were areas that she was to read a sentence and then pick which one matched the picture. This helped to reinforce what we were doing in other reading and phonics.

For her I have bought the 1/2 books. I just figure that the more practice it will just help to sink in a bit more. I do have the teacher's guides but have not used it for Book 1. It is decided so that the child is doing about 2 books a year. We are taking it at Miss K's pace so it might take longer.

I think this will be a good resource for her for years to come. I have bought these from either Christian Book or Rainbow Resources.


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