Thursday, May 23, 2013


Tuesday's post was going to be about siblings but when it was done it ended up more about kids in transition. Since I had dug around in my photos and found some cute pictures of the two of them together I thought that today I would write about siblings.

"He needs her and she needs him." 

He needs to learn to slow down and think of others. She forces him to slow down and think about others. She needs someone to challenge her and encourage her to try things. He challenges her and encourages her to try things.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the two of them. They were sitting
on the side of the hill and he was telling her all about airplanes. 

He learns patience as he teaches her and helps her. She learns to listen. They both need help from mom and dad at times on how to improve those skills.

They love to work together. Here they were making bread. J has become the bread maker at our house and he was teaching her. Her job is to get the things that are needed.

Sometimes it is good to just sit and reflect on the good things that they have and do together. We are a family and we are going through this together.

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