Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thrift Store Find

Currently our family is in transition. Our household things are in storage on the other side of the US.  We are currently in a house with the essential things we need which is a blessing and for which we are very thankful. I realized that one of the things that I miss is my happy mug. The mug that makes me smile in the morning as I enjoy my morning coffee. It is also the mug that makes me smile when I am having that second cup of coffee that helps me make it through the homeschool morning or when I sit and enjoy the fact that the day is done.

My happy mug has a story. I bought it in Hong Kong and loved it. The bright lime green color as well as the shape just made me happy. My husband has one just like it except his is not a happy green color but a blue. Then one day the mug fell. Nothing survived a fall on our floors in our Hong Kong flat. That was the end of my happy green mug. Starbucks didn't sell that mug anymore. I was sad. Until one day in Starbucks in Istanbul I found the same happy green mug. I bought it and then carried it around in my luggage until we were home and I could enjoy that happy green mug. Now that happy green mug is wrapped up and in a box high on storage racks in a warehouse (it makes me sad just thinking about it being there all alone get a grip, it is just a mug).

No, I didn't find a happy green mug in the thrift store. I think I also have to add that in addition to the happy green mug and the bland blue mug we have lots more mugs so there has been a moratorium placed on purchasing any more mugs. Back to the thrift store and my find. There are the shelf were two mugs in perfect condition, no chips or cracks, no discoloring. They were perfect Raffles Singapore mugs for just 25 cents each. "Patronised by royalty and nobility"

Remember the above mentioned fact that we have lots more mugs well included in those lots of mugs are two Raffles Hotel mugs.

Raffles Hotel holds many memories. The first time I went there for tea was spring of 1998. I was in Singapore for start-up production and we had a weekend there. My friend had made reservations for us at the Tiffin Room for high tea. The bread pudding was the best and I have been unable to find as good of bread pudding since the. So through the years when in Singapore that became a special place to go for high tea. My husband and I went when we were dating and then again when we were married and living in Asia. I will add that the last time I was there it just was not quite as good not as much food on the buffet. The atmosphere takes you back in time and it is worth it.

My thrift store find gave me a happy mug for here while we are in transition. It is also a nice reminder here while we are in transition of our goal -- Singapore for training this summer. That is the reason we are here in transition -- meeting with our ministry partners here and waiting for the next step in the journey.

Do you have a happy mug? One that makes you smile?

Beth, who can't believe she just wrote this lengthly post all about two mugs from the thrift store.
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  1. I think that is one of your longest blog posts. :)

    I have a happy mug, too. I had a really pretty one break and then I found a nice mug at a thrift store. I'm glad you found a replacement. Which thrift store?

    1. I was just commenting on your blog. I found it at Heart and Home.



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