Saturday, May 18, 2013

Friday -- Flowers, Finished, Flying

This week's wrap-up is brought to you by the letter F. I wonder how many things we can talk about that begin with F. Let's see how I do.

The flowers --Rhododendron to specific are blooming. The colors are varied and they are beautiful as I drive around.

We finished Mystery of History Volume I this week. I do want to write a review just for my files (records). I really enjoyed the biblical history included in there.

Frantic (I had to get a word that begins with F in there) rush to get the kids passports. We realized last week that their passports were expiring earlier than we thought. Thanks to Fedex we were able to get Miss K's birth certificate sent to us and get a new passport in just forty-eight hours.

Found a twin for Miss K's chihuahua. We didn't realize how loved the chihuahua was until it when in our shipment and we have been without him for weeks. Miss K has been telling us that when she gets to London she is going to look for chihuahua. When she can't find something, she will walk about going "pencil, where are you?" I had visions of her walking through London saying, "chihuahua, where are you?" A dear friend purchased a twin for her and that arrived in the mail today. "My chihuahua!"

J finished his Explode the Code book. I think he did it this year so he could do it with Miss K. They both get excited to do Explode the Code together.

The art feature for this week is J's owl. He did this is his art class. I think he is really enjoying it and it is good for him to have the instruction. He is learning some techniques and skills.

J finished Easy Grammar we are still working on Analytical Grammar, Fables, spelling, math, Bible. I am at the point of evaluating and decided how many more writing assignments he will do. Writing was one thing that didn't get done as faithfully this year. I will say his writing has improved so we will just continue to make progress.

Full and overflowing library bag this week - I requested about 20 books using the book list. We have a big stack here to read. 

I got frustrated this week when I realized that I didn't bring enough Math-U-See blocks. I pulled what I thought would be enough so we didn't have all the blocks here and then discovered this week that we don't have enough. 

Miss K is following her own pace which really isn't true really she is following the pushes of mama. If she were left to her own she will just dance around her room but mama pushes and moves her along. It is fun to watch her progress. Today she read most of the grocery list -- bananas, apples, tomatoes, cheese, pizza. She did ask what PB was -- peanut butter. 

This week there is an aviation day at one of the local air fields which we are planning to attend. We are also fellowshipping with some friends. 

It was a fun filled week. I had to get two more words that begin with F in our weekly wrap-up. Follow my blog and don't miss the fun features. 


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