Saturday, May 11, 2013

Finally, Friday

I so much enjoy when we have learned something or done something and then the children begin to notice that. Last weekend we went on a bird walk. Then this week J pointed out the woodpecker on the tree in the backyard.

This was our last week of AWANA. Miss K has three years of Cubbies and has loved every minute of it. She lives for Wednesday. J has enjoyed T&T.

Together this week we finished our science book -- Exploring the World of Biology. (I am selling it if anyone is interested. I just don't have space to take it with us.) Science is done for the year.

It seems very likely that we will be here in the fall so I signed the kids up for a co-op that meets in the area. I felt that we needed that to give us some fun in our week and also as a way to interact with other homeschoolers.

J finished Saxon 65 Math. I feel that he is a bit behind where I would like him to be with math at this time so we are jumping right into 76. I do allow him to take the tests and see what lesson he needs to begin with since often it seems that the first few lessons are review.

J had another art class. This time they were doing watercolor and pastels. I am glad that he is getting some teaching and help with pastels. He has some and has tried to do a bit but having a teacher help and guide is good.

J is doing quite a bit of his work on his own -- yeah. He knows that he needs to get his work done and will often do it without prompting.

The big thing that Miss K accomplished this week was finishing her Explode the Code Book 1. She was very proud to finish that book.

That wraps up our week. This weekend is full of speaking engagements for us. Miss K isn't quite feeling good so we will probably just relax a bit. We do have to clear the house as there is an open house here on Monday.


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  1. I love the art - and we love Awanas too! Came over from Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.



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