Friday, May 3, 2013

Jenga - Games

We played Jenga during school. I like to check the boxes and get everything done. I think sometimes fun doesn't happen because we I am too busy checking the academic boxes.

I mentioned playing Jenga for memory review. We got Jenga out and I let the kids play one quick game before we moved to independent work. I decided it is a therapy activity for Miss K. She has to figure out what block to take out and then using both gross and fine motor skills place that block on the top. It also requires some logic and thinking. We had fun.

Later that day J got it out again. He had read the a "professional Jenga player" (I didn't know that there was even such a person) could do 36 levels. He set it up and began to work toward the professional status.

He got to about 33 levels and it all came toppling down. He pretended to cry and when mom pointed the camera his crying turned to this.

He enjoyed it and challenged Daddy to see if he could do better. J holds the record at our house.

This is a fun game that he can play by himself or can play with Miss K.

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