Saturday, May 25, 2013

The week with no photos but books and other things

Last week's weekly wrap-up featured the letter F. I was thinking that maybe this week's should feature the letter G just to go in order. Gorgeous does not really describe our weather today. Gray might be a better word but that was this morning when I started this post and in typical Northwest weather patterns now it is nice and sunny.

What did we do this week? That is a good question. I asked Miss K one day, "what is 1+1 and she told me, "good question." Okay, back to the question of what we did this week.

J finished his Math Detective Beginning. That was a bit below his grade level but worked nicely to give him some thinking skills. I have purchased the next level for next year. I like this as it is simple lessons but require thinking and one of the questions often asked is "what sentence gave you the clue."

J also finished Vocabulary from Classical Roots. I was cheap and did not buy the test for this book. I need to make a simple test just to see how he remembers what he has studied.

J had art class but did not finish his project. I guess we will have to wait to see that.

We are finishing things up -- math, writing, and Bible are the big things that need to be finished.

A few weeks ago Miss K decided she wanted to do school backwards starting with reading instead of math. We have done it backwards for so many weeks that I really don't think it is backwards.

She is continuing to read. At times I wonder if she is sounding out words and using phonics or just adding more sight words to her list of words. I do want her to be able to read a word that she has not seen before.

Miss K is getting ready for her ballet performance. She is a bunny rabbit. Tomorrow we have hair and make-up class. I am really hoping that her hair will grow in three weeks so it will be easier for pigtails -- bunnies with pigtails.

We are continuing to read lots of books. We read Toby, Who are you? and Doctor De Soto both by William Steig. I think he is one of my favorite authors. Doctor De Soto is a mouse who is a dentist but does not treat cats or other dangerous animals. Then a fox comes as a patient and well, you will have to read the book to find out what happens. We finished reading Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl (I did edit the language a bit). Cheer Up, Pig! by Nancy Jewell is a short little book about enjoying the things we have in life. Today we read My Mother is the Most Beautiful Woman in the World by Becky Reyher. It was set in Russian speaking Ukraine and was just a great story. The illustrations reminded me of being in that part of the world. I loved the ending, "Some people, Varyachka, see with their eyes alone. Others see with their hearts, too. I am grateful and lucky that you see with your heart, as well as with your eyes." Miss K's list of books that have been read to her is over 100.

I wandered through the homeschool consignment store with a friend. I like wandering and looking at various things that I hear people online talking about. I am set with what we are doing next year. I did buy The Timeline History of England to add to my section of British History books. I bought a Christian Liberty Nature Reader Book 1 which I use for Miss K's science. I read it to her and hopefully in a few years she will be able to read it herself.

My camera must have been on the shelf all week. I don't really have any fun pictures to share.

That wraps up this week.

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  1. Homeschool consignment store? Bliss!

    1. It really surprises me that there are more of them. I was in PA for years and never found one there.

  2. "Some people, Varyachka, see with their eyes alone. Others see with their hearts, too. I am grateful and lucky that you see with your heart, as well as with your eyes." LOVE that quote!

  3. I loved that line and wanted to remember it.

  4. We have the same issue re. reading with my 4 year old. She struggles to sound out yet reads fluently sight words. I'm going to give All about reading a go next year, as I feel the same way- I want her to be able to have a stab at any words not just ones she has seen before!

    1. I am glad to know that I am not the only one. Maybe I should look at All About Reading.



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