Monday, May 27, 2013

Low Tide

Years and years ago when I lived here I went with a friend that was visiting to one of the beaches during low tide. I remember that we were able to see all kinds of things that you normally can't see because it was low tide. I really enjoyed that day. So going to the beach during low tide was one of the two things on my list of things to do this spring, tulip festival was the other thing.

Today was one of the lower tide days so we headed to the beach after church. It was a rainy overcast day but considering it is the northwest we decided to go. We got there and there was no rain.

We saw lots of seaweed. It is amazing all the different colors and kinds of seaweed.

It almost looks like leaves the way it is on the ground.

Miss K found a shell and said it was a butterfly. I think she was right about that. That is creative to look at it and see that.

We saw starfish. In my memory from years ago I recall seeing lots of starfish and lots of different colors but we did see a few today. We were amazed at how many legs this one had.

We saw this big crab and hopefully he did not become lunch for a seagull.

We turned over rocks and were amazed at what we found -- small crabs and even an eel.

Miss K wanted to hold a crab and then she wanted to hold another one. That counts as science doesn't it.

I found this crab under some seaweed. The seaweed was about the same color so he was hiding there. I don't think I have ever seen a crab this color.

This just looked like a rock but as we watched it we saw it moving.

Miss K ran to chase the birds.

Here are a few more starfish that we saw.

This one was all curled up almost in a ball.

Miss K was wet. Even her hair was wet -- that was because she was bending over to play in the water. I think she just stood in the water and played for about 30 minutes. Surprisingly it wasn't that cold.

I think J must have been running around and having too much fun. I don't have any pictures of him. He did say on the way home, "I think today was the dirtiest that I have ever been." I didn't think he was that dirty. I do think that statement means he had fun.

A trip to the beach is not complete without the seagulls. I know that they are not the most loved birds but I thought this was a great picture.

We had a great time at the beach. We are already marking our calendar for next month's low tide and trying to decide which beach or park we want to go to. It is amazing to see the sea creatures that God made. Things that we would not normally see because normally the water is covering that area.

As the tide came in and the water covered the area where we had been walking earlier, we sat on the bench, talking, drinking coffee and watching the boats in the water -- the ferry going between the city and the islands, the cargo ships and two cruise ships. There is something peaceful about the water.

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  1. Beth
    Your blog and your family life are both just so interesting! Thank you for stopping in to my blog so that I could "meet" you!

    Looking fwd to more As He Leads is Joy posts:)
    God bless,

  2. Hi from HHH!

    I love your pictures and wish we could have shared your day. Oh, how I wish we lived at the beach. We travel to the beach each year. Day after day the children play in surf observing sea creatures. One summer we visited San Diego and the tide pools. What a glorious day we had!



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