Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Learning during dinner

One of our favorite things to do is go out for Greek food. I have a few Greek type recipes that I make. Adding Greek olives is a recipe is yummy. In the past few months I have had a daughter that has decided that she loves olives. She ate half a can of black olives the other week. Well, back to our love for Greek food. We decided to try a new Greek restaurant last week.

The reviews stated that it was an authentic Greek restaurant. I found this sign in the bathroom.

It is a small cafe type restaurant. There were no children's menus and no children's meals which at times is good for the children. They need to learn to eat things besides macaroni and cheese. Actually, if you know my kids they eat just about everything -- octopus, olives, yak, duck, and other things.

We began with Dolmadakia Yalantzi. I wasn't sure how the children would respond to this rice wrapped in grape leaves. They ate those and loved them.

We also ordered Spanakopita and something similar to that but with feta inside. I have made spanakopita at various times and we buy them at Trader Joe's

We then go two entrees to share. A chicken skewer meal with rice, carrots, and potato. The other entree was lamb.

The lamb was yummy.

We enjoyed our dinner and as we finish our ancient history lessons this is was a good meal to learn about some of the flavors and food from that part of the world.

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