Thursday, May 9, 2013

Excuses, excuses

It is too big, too little, too pokey, too old or any of another things.

Miss K's speech has improved and with that came the excuses. At first they were cute and we laughed., she told me that she couldn't use her pencil because "it is too pokey". She couldn't sit in her chair because it was "too pokey".

One day I told her to go to her own bed as she wanted to sleep in mine. Her response "it's too old." Wrong response considering that my bed is older than your bed.

I thought of David and Goliath and the excuses that he could have made.

"That is not my job" He was sent to the battlefield to take provisions to his older brothers. He was just a delivery boy.

"I am too young" A couple of times in I Samuel 17 is mention of David's youth.

"Goliath is too big."Everyone knew that Goliath was big, he was the warrior that the Philistines were sending out as their strong man to fight.

David realized all of those things but didn't use them as excuses. He knew that God had a plan for him that day and that even though he was young and Goliath was big God was still the living God. He did what he knew how to do -- use a slingshot. The victory was the Lord's.

So I am teaching Miss K to do what she needs to do and not make excuses -- use your pencil, go to your own bed, sit in your chair, etc.

I am also pondering what excuses I make. Do I realize what God has for me to do today? I pray that I will see and hear what God has and do knowing knowing that the victory is God's.

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