Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Organizing FUR - Frequently Used Recipes

FUR (Frequently Used Recipes) is a bit like FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). It is a place for my frequently used recipes.

It began with needing to remember which cookbook has the pancake recipe and then what page is that recipe on. At that time the oatmeal that I bought didn't have cooking instructions so I needed to remember my proportions.

I had spiral bound index cards with my office supplies. I decided to use that.

It is four different colors and that worked nicely. Orange was for notes and information that I needed like "baking powder - 1 tsp -= 1/2 tsp cream of tartar + tsp baking soda." That was important information when you live in a place where finding baking powder is difficult.

Pink was breakfast foods - my pancake recipe, oatmeal, raisin cinnamon bagels, whole wheat bread, and a few other recipes. It was easy to look and know that pink was breakfast items.

Then green was for salads. We eat lots of salads and it is nice to have the various dressing recipes in a place that is easy to find. Cranberry, Feta, and Walnut is still one of our favorite salads. So easy to make. I might have this recipe memorized by now.

The yellow section was empty for some time. I just could not decide what other recipes fit in the "frequently used recipes." I then just started to add some of the main dishes that we make often.

Just looking at this you can tell that it gets used. I think the oil and soy sauce splashed on that recipe.

Having the recipes on a spiral bound book makes it easy to flip to the recipe I need and not spend time remembering which cookbook and then looking up the page. It was also nice to bring with us while we are in transition. I have some of our favorite recipes here.

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