Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Miss K was very excited because we were going hiking on Monday. We didn't tell her that hiking is really a long walk. We were meeting some friends and going to walk around a lake.

In typical Northwest weather it was raining when we began. It didn't stop raining but we went anyway. It rained even more. There were times that we weren't sure if we were wet because of rain or sweat.

We started out and the trail was nice and easy. Walking with Miss K the pace was slow. I had time to stop and smell the flowers take pictures of the flowers.

You can even see the raindrops on these flowers.

We saw the lake but never got very close to the lake. It was nice and green and the air was so clean.

We then headed up the mountain. I think the elevation went up about 500 feet and we were climbing. The trees were covered with moss. They almost have a spooky look about them.

We saw biology as my husband said.

We had to cross a bit of water which was fun for the kids.

It was hiking and Miss K did the whole 3 to 3 1/2 hours. We didn't carry her. We did encourage her and she was promised mint chocolate chip ice cream. She was very proud that she did it.

There are a number of hiking trails here. We found a book at the house called Best Hikes with Children.  We had found this one here there. It was not far from the city, just off the freeway. It was supposed to be 1 1/2 miles long but I am not sure what route we took. I think we walked more than that. We came home wet and dirty.

J enjoyed the hike and asked if we could do another one. The challenge is to find one that we can do that is nearby and is open in June. Maybe we will go on another hike before we leave in July.

If the kids didn't have enough exercise yesterday, I walked them to Trader Joe's today which is a roundtrip of 2 miles. I think they will sleep.

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  1. You might consider Wallace Falls - a bit of a drive, though. Brightwater treatment plant in Woodinville has some trails for walking, too. That is a great book, we have it too.



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